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Normally $12

Normally $12

Normally $12

Normally $12

Normally $12

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"All the units are filled with wonderful resources! I appreciate that the lessons focus on language and literacy, with an emphasis on integrating phonemic awareness every step of the way.

I am excited to welcome my students and start the school year with lessons that have been created by The Measured Mom team!"

-Bobbi M.

Are you spending way too much time planning your circle time lessons?

I don't need to tell you that keeping up with preschoolers - whether you're teaching at home or in the classroom - requires plenty of energy!

No need to burn yourself out before the kids arrive ... save time and energy by downloading our ready-to-go circle time units!

Each lesson tells you exactly what to say and do ... with minimal prep required.

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"When I first started out 17 years ago, I would have done anything to get this resource. I feel the same way as a seasoned teacher- what a great way to freshen up my classroom!"

-Tami L.

Here are the details ...

  • Each unit consists of 10 lessons.
  • The lessons are easy to follow and require little prep.
  • All the units contain original songs and rhymes.
  • Lessons aren't fluffy ... they build oral language, teach phonological awareness skills, and build content knowledge.
  • In addition to the lessons, you will receive 12-15 printable centers for each unit.
  • Each unit also includes two interactive read alouds for building vocabulary and comprehension.
  • With each unit you will also receive supplementary material: a book list, process art ideas, and ideas for centers and sensory play.

Check out the lessons in each unit ...

All About Me Lessons

  • Introduction
  • My Friends' Names
  • My Name
  • My Body
  • Choices
  • Feelings
  • Favorites
  • Favorite Stuffed Animal
  • Family
  • Birthdays

Five Senses Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Sense of Sight
  • Sense of Sound
  • Sense of Touch
  • Sense of Taste
  • Sense of Smell
  • My Body and My Senses
  • Which Sense is it?
  • Animals and Their Senses
  • Conclusion

Apple Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Parts of an Apple
  • Different Kinds of Apples
  • A is for Apple
  • Apple Picking
  • Apples for Animals
  • Counting with Apples
  • Apples are Fruit
  • What Can You Make with Apples?
  • Conclusion

Pumpkin Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Parts of a Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin Life Cycle
  • Apples and Pumpkins
  • Different Kinds of Pumpkins
  • Food from Pumpkins
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Pumpkin Colors
  • Carving Pumpkins
  • Conclusion

Leaf Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Parts of a Leaf
  • Different Kinds of Leaves
  • Leaves in Spring
  • Leaves in Summer
  • Leaves in Fall
  • Leaves in Winter
  • Animals and Leaves
  • Leaf Colors
  • Conclusion

We asked teachers what they love about the units.

Here's what Christina told us ...

  • I appreciate that the resources are both color and black-and-white.
  • The units include real human pictures - and the people have various skin colors. I love that diversity!
  • The units are extensive, with lots of activity ideas. It's a one-stop bundle!
  • The objectives are clearly stated per lesson.
  • The resources are open-ended. I can see myself using them in other lessons!

-Christina C.

Take a closer look!

Easy-to-follow lesson plans

  • 10 days of clear, easy-to-follow lesson plans for each unit (a total of 50 lessons)
  • Each lesson is a single page for easy use - follow the script or ad lib!
  • Lessons includes original rhymes and songs, phonological awareness practice, knowledge building, gross motor, and more!
  • Many lessons include accompanying printable resources in both color and black and white.

Additional student resources

  • Each unit includes 10-15 additional printable resources that can be used one-on-one, in small groups, or at centers.
  • Resources build phonemic awareness and other pre-reading skills; they also provide practice with math and fine motor skills.

Read-aloud guides

Get two interactive read aloud guides with each unit!

  • These read alouds are exactly what your students need to build background knowledge so they're ready for kindergarten.
  • Each guide tells you exactly what vocabulary to teach, what questions to ask, and how to follow up with an engaging activity.

Bonus resources

These units really are a one-stop shop!

In addition to the teacher lesson plans and student printables, each unit also includes:

  • A book list so you can easily reserve a stack at the library
  • Process art ideas (no need to search Pinterest - we've got you covered!)
  • Other ideas for dramatic play, sensory bins, and more

This is the lowest price you'll see for our Fall Circle Time units!

Get all five units for just $27!  

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"Thank you for making my life easier so I am a more relaxed teacher, a less stressed  mom, and a better partner."

-Kasey B.

I know what it's like to be a busy teacher ...

I'm Anna.

I'm a former teacher (M.Ed.), now serving educators through my website, The Measured Mom.

As a teacher, I spent far too many hours prepping centers for my students. I was at school until 10 PM on school nights ... and came back to work all weekend!

I was always on the hunt for the perfect resources that would help my students become stronger readers. And I nearly burned myself out trying to find them.

I want better for you.

Now I create easy-to-follow lessons to save you time and low-prep printables that your students will love so much they'll forget they're learning.

Let me answer your questions

What age are these lessons for?

These lessons are designed for children in preschool or Pre-K - typically ages 3-5 years.

Does this resource align with current research?

Yes! My passion is teaching reading, so I've woven in oral language building, rhyming, syllable counting, phonemic awareness, and other pre-reading skills. You'll love getting your students ready to read!

What skills do these lessons teach?

We believe that it's important to build background knowledge and vocabulary as soon as possible, so both of these are a big focus. In addition, pre-reading skills and basic math concepts are woven throughout.

Where did you get the songs and rhymes for the unit?

These were written by our brilliant team member, Laura Cherney. She has a gift for writing songs that teach ... we know you'll love them as much as we do! And don't worry if singing isn't your thing ... all the songs are set to familiar tunes, so they're easy to learn!

How long does each lesson take?

The lessons were designed to take 10-15 minutes each, but feel free to break a lesson into multiple days if you need to.

What happens after I purchase?

You'll receive an email with a link to download the file. Save the file to your computer, and you can access it at any time.

What if I need help with my purchase?

We're just an email away! Contact our team at, and we'll do our best to respond within 24 hours, excluding holidays.

Is this offer too good to be true?

Almost! That's why it's only available for a short time. When the timer runs out, you'll need to purchase the individual files for $60 total - or the bundle for $42. Now's your chance to get an incredible, one-time offer.

Get this comprehensive resource today!

One more time ... Here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase the Fall Circle Time Units for Preschool:

  • 5 complete units: All About Me, Five Senses, Apples, Pumpkins, and Leaves
  • 50 easy-to-follow lesson plans (10 for each unit)
  • Optional accompanying student resources - perfect for centers, one-on-one, or small groups ... in both color and black-and-white
  • Fun, brand-new songs and rhymes for each unit
  • Interactive read-aloud guides
  • Book lists and more ... everything you need for an amazing Fall in your classroom or home preschool setting!

Regular price when you purchase the units individually: $60
Today's price: $27

Get instant access to all five units now!

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