Would you like some help finding the perfect
chapter book series for each of your learners?

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Do your learners struggle to answer questions about chapter books that they've read?

  • Do they try to read books that are too hard for them? 
  • Do they feel that books at their level are babyish or boring?
  • When they do read an entire book, do they struggle to answer basic questions about it?

Finally help your students love and understand chapter books!

  • Help every learner find multiple chapter book series they'll love with leveled book lists and detailed reviews of 250 early chapter book series.
  • Help your students actually understand (and remember!) what they read with open-ended response sheets.

"Wow! I just love the variety of options in this bundle! This is such a great way to reinforce reading comprehension. Thank you for this resource!"


Yes! I want to save over 40%!

When you purchase, you'll receive the files right in your inbox.

The file includes a detailed review of each of 250 early chapter book series. 

In addition, you will get the following printable book lists:  

  • Early chapter book lists by guided reading level (J-P)
  • Gentle early chapter book series for young advanced readers
  • Engaging early chapter book series for older (struggling) readers - series that aren't babyish or boring!
  • Multi-cultural early chapter book series
  • Early chapter book series about animals
  • STEM-focused early chapter book series
  • Early chapter book series about magic
  • Early chapter book mystery series
  • Early chapter book series about boys
  • Early chapter book series about girls
  • Early chapter book series about fairies, princesses, and mermaids
  • Early chapter book series about sports

"Someone I trusted reviewed the content of books I know nothing about; I could cry tears of happiness! Thank you for all the hard work you put into this, Anna. Iā€™m sure the book lists will be referenced for years to come." --M.

You'll also build comprehension with 75 reading response sheets ā€“ perfect for helping young readers understand fiction chapter books!

  • Character
  • Setting
  • Plot
  • Writing a book review
  • Vocabulary

Thank you for a great go-to resource for any book that I want to use with guided reading! Plus the reviews, wow! It will save me so much time! Thank you for taking the time to make this amazing resource!


"This is so through, well written and easy to use. I am in awe at how much time was spent on making this. I know this resource will be invaluable to me when planning lessons for my students."


Hey, there! I'm Anna.

I'm a former teacher (M.Ed.), now serving teachers and parents through my website, The Measured Mom.

As a teacher, I found it hard to find the right chapter book series for each of my students. My learners were at so many different levels!

As a parent, I watched some of my kids struggle to understand the chapter books they read.

I needed to find chapter books they'd enjoy. I needed to make sure these books were at a level that would inspire them, not frustrate them.

So I spent six months reviewing 250 early chapter book series so you wouldn't have to.

Then I created 75 open-ended response sheets so you could have comprehension-building tools right at your fingertips.