Did you know that phonemic awareness is essential for future success in reading?

This bundle makes it fun and easy to teach!

Build a solid foundation with
these engaging activities ...

  • Print the easy-to-use assessment so you can quickly determine what skills your learners need to practice.
  • Use the daily warm-ups for twelve weeks of oral phonemic awareness activities ... perfect for home or school.
  • Build all levels of phonemic awareness with games for phoneme isolation, blending, segmenting, and manipulation.

Build this important pre-reading skill in 3 steps!

FIRST, prepare and administer the simple assessment ...

You will receive

  • 5 teacher pages that you can use to guide yourself through the assessment and record each learner's answers
  • 6 student pages that assess phoneme isolation, blending, segmentation, and manipulation.

Short on time? No problem! You won't need to give the full assessment to each learner; simply stop when a student misses two or more in a section.

SECOND, build daily phonemic awareness practice into your day with 12 weeks of quick and effective oral warm-ups ...

You will receive

  • Four weeks of Level 1 warm-ups (isolating phonemes)
  • Four weeks of Level 2 warm-ups (onset and rime, blending phonemes, and segmenting phones)
  • Four weeks of Level 3 warm-ups (deleting, adding, and substituting phonemes)

THIRD ... meet individual student needs with a variety of games for every level of phonemic awareness!

You will receive the following games in both color and black and white ...

  • Beginning Sound Slides & Ladders
  • Middle Sound Slides & Ladders
  • Ending Sound Slides & Ladders
  • Beginning Sound Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Middle Sound Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Ending Sound Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Phoneme Blending BINGO
  • Robot Blending Phonemes: Cover 8
  • Phoneme Four in a Row
  • How Many Sounds? game with Elkonin boxes
  • Say & Segment games
  • Add a New Sound
  • Make a Sound Disappear

This pack is a one-stop shop with everything I need to teach all important areas of phonemic awareness. Thanks for another great resource!"


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