You want to teach math to your preschooler.

Counting. Shapes. Matching. Measurement. Patterns.

Where do you begin?

You search online ... but all you find is worksheets.

Shouldn't preschool math be more hands-on?

You search a little more... and you find elaborate hands-on activities that will take hours to prepare.

Where are the simple, hands-on activities?

Look no further!

This collection of preschool math activities is perfect for busy parents who want to prepare their preschoolers for kindergarten math.

Simple activities.

Low prep.

Very few materials required!


You'll get a simple teaching guide for each skill.

  • Find out what your child needs to know before kindergarten.
  • Get activities for kids who are ready to move beyond the basics.

Print a set of activity cards for each skill.

  • Sorting & Matching
  • Colors
  • Counting from 0-20
  • Shapes
  • Positional words
  • Number recognition & formation
  • Subitizing
  • Size & measurement
  • Patterns  

 and more!

If you'd like, print and use the optional printables.

No worksheets here! 

Just hands-on activity sheets to teach counting, shape recognition, number formation, and more.

Watch this quick video to learn more ...

This collection of preschool math activities is normally $18. Purchase within 10 minutes and get it for 33% off!