Does teaching reading feel overwhelming? 

You've got a challenging group of students with a wide range of abilities.

You know you need to meet their needs with small groups ... but there's that one student who's always interrupting you, no matter how many times you tell him not to.

You're trying to do so much ... 

Guided reading. Shared reading. Reading conferences. Read aloud. Learning centers.  

You're burning yourself out trying to fit it all in ... and then you have no energy left to engage your learners.

Say good bye to feeling stressed and discouraged!  

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  • How to avoid 5 common mistakes K-2 reading teachers make  
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  • The 4 secrets to success with small reading groups  
  • How to prepare time-saving literacy centers  
  • How to keep students focused during independent reading  
  • How to dramatically improve phonics skills  
  • What to try when sight words just won't stick  
  • 3 keys to improving comprehension

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