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Are you looking for high quality decodable
books that actually tell a story?

It's important for beginning readers to learn to read with decodable books.

After all, that's how kids learn to be proficient readers - by sounding out words so they can map them into their brains and eventually recognize them automatically.

The better kids get at decoding, the more fluent they become ... and the more fluent they are, the more brain space is freed up for comprehension.

There's no doubt about it ... decodable texts are vital for beginning readers.

The problem is that too many decodable books are boring, stilted, and nonsensical.

You want your students to read books that make sense. You want them to read books they ENJOY.

Thankfully, there ARE high quality decodable books.

  • High quality decodables follow a solid scope and sequence.
  • They include a limited number of high frequency words so the books sound like real language.
  • High quality decodables actually tell a story ... so you can ask comprehension questions after the reading.
  • The pictures are engaging, and beginning readers are proud to read these books again and again.

There's just one problem with high quality decodable books.

When you're looking to buy a class set, the price tag often stings.

But we have good news!

OUR high quality decodable books are
beautiful, engaging,
and affordable!

Save 50% when you purchase now!

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Here's what you'll get ...

16 high quality decodable books that
follow a solid scope and sequence

  • Sam
  • The Cat
  • Pam and the Mat
  • Jim and the Cap
  • The Big Hat
  • Sick!
  • Kip the Kid
  • The Big Sack
  • The Van
  • The Fish Wish
  • Beth and the Path
  • The Cash
  • Wham!
  • Kim and the Box
  • Fox and the Duck
  • Zip It

Wait ... aren't these books free on the website?

We want ALL students to have access to quality decodable books, so we provide a single version of each book on the website for free.

But when you purchase, you'll receive each book in five different versions! (Not to mention the accompanying resources, which we'll get to in a minute ...)

Foldable color version

Foldable black and white version

Side-staple color version (for quicker assembly)

Side-staple black and white version

You'll even get a projectable version!

In the projectable version, the books are full color. Each page of a book takes up a full page of the pdf.

Just open the file in a pdf viewer, display your screen, and you can read these books with your students!

The video at the right gives you sneak peek of the projectable version.

But that's not all ... here are the
resources that come with EACH book!

Lesson plan

  • Each book includes a one-page lesson plan which lists the phonics skills and high frequency words for the book.
  • The lesson plan includes introductory activities and tips for reading the book with students.
  • You'll also get a list of low and high level comprehension questions for each book.

Blending lines

  • After teaching the focus phonics skills, have your students read these blending lines before they read the book.
  • Have students say the sounds of the letters on the first line. As they move down the lines, they'll read the words and (eventually) the sentence.
  • The lines gradually increase in difficulty, making them perfect for differentiation!

Retelling activity

  • Summarizing is one of the most important comprehension activities, and this activity is perfect for it!
  • Students cut up the four story events and glue them in the proper order.
  • Then they retell the story using the pictures.

Spelling dictation

  • Connect letter-sound knowledge to spelling with these easy-to-use dictation worksheets!
  • Students count the sounds in each word and then write it on the lines.

Book on a Page

  • Each book also comes in a single-page version.
  • This version presents an extra challenge by removing all but one of the pictures.
  • Have students reread in pairs for fluency!
Save 50% when you purchase now!

I know what it's like to be a busy teacher ...

I'm Anna.

I'm a former teacher (M.Ed.), now serving educators through my website, The Measured Mom.

As a teacher, I spent far too many hours prepping centers for my students. I was at school until 10 PM on school nights ... and came back to work all weekend!

I was always on the hunt for the perfect resources that would help my students become stronger readers. And I nearly burned myself out trying to find them.

I want better for you.

Now I create easy-prep printables that your students will love so much they'll forget they're learning.

Here's what even more happy teachers are saying ...

On my lunch break today, I downloaded the files and printed the first book. I couldn't help it! My students LOVED it. I loved it. The text was perfect them - that just right level that gave them the productive struggle as I modeled and we worked through the blending lines and into the text.

These are PERFECT for beginning readers!

-Karen R.
Kindergarten teacher

I really love this resource because of how it teaches kids the skills needed for each decodable and THEN gives them the opportunity to employ it. The way it very clearly shows which skills and phonics skills are being used is also huge as it really helps me when I'm grabbing decodables for my small group lessons.

-Josie W.
Classroom teacher

My favorite thing about these books is that each book comes with a complete lesson that includes pre-reading letter/sound practice, prediction questions, and sight word review, as well as post-reading blending, segmenting, dictation, and comprehension activities. Everything I need to engage my students in the reading process is included. 

I highly recommend this resource for ALL early learning teachers!

- Jennifer B.
Kindergarten teacher

Let me answer your questions

What scope and sequence did you follow to create these books?

In this first set of books, the books progress in difficulty as these skills are introduced: s, j, short a, t, p, m, d, c, h, r, n, short i, b, f, g, k, digraph ck, short o, short e, l, v, digraph sh, digraph th, short u, w, digraph ch, digraph wh, x, y, qu, and z.

(In fact, each book includes the printable list of skills in order, with the appropriate skills highlighted. The example at the right is for the first book, Sam.)

Does this resource align with the science of reading?

Absolutely. The science of reading is a body of research related to the teaching of reading. Research tells us that we don't memorize words as wholes. (Otherwise, you'd know up to 70,000 words as whole images ... and your brain can't do that!)

Instead, we learn to read words automatically because we're good at orthographic mapping. We become good at orthographic mapping (storing words for future, instant retrieval) when we're proficient at phonemic awareness and phonic decoding ... and this resource is ideal for building the skill of phonic decoding with our newest readers!

Are you creating more decodable books?

Yes! Because I'm working with a professional illustrator, it takes several weeks for each new book. As a result, it can take up to a year to complete a full set of books.

If you'd like access to each new book as it's ready, join the membership! We'll be adding the books one a time even before each new set is complete. Learn more about membership here.

What happens after I purchase?

You'll receive an email with a link to download the files. Save the files to your computer, and you can access them at any time.

What if I need help with my purchase?

We're just an email away! Contact our team at, and we'll respond within 24 hours, excluding holidays.

Is this offer too good to be true?

Almost! That's why it's only available for fifteen minutes. When the timer runs out, you'll need to purchase the product for $18.00 Now's your chance to save 45%!

Get this comprehensive resource today!

One more time ... Here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase our complete set of level 1 decodable books:

  • 16 printable decodable books in five different versions - Booklet in color, booklet in black and white, side-staple in color, side-staple in black and white, AND a full color projectable version
  • 16 single page lesson plans - Each plan includes before, during, and after reading activities
  • Blending lines - Each page includes a collection of sounds, words (and eventually a sentence) that become more difficult with each line. Students say the sounds of the letters and sound out the words before reading the book.
  • Comprehension activity - Students will cut out the four pictures from the story, put them in order, and retell the story to an adult or peer.
  • Spelling dictation - Connect phonics knowledge to spelling by dictating four words for students to spell. You'll get a dictation worksheet for each book.
  • Book on a page - Give students an extra challenge by having them read the whole book with just one picture.

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